South Wales – Where to walk and clear your thoughts – Keepers Pond



What better way to clear your thoughts than aimlessly wandering somewhere beautiful? Living in Wales I am truly blessed with amazing landscapes and gorgeous scenery, so it would really be rude not to make the most of it.


I get a lot of motivation on my rambles & adventures, whether it be from the textures of the nature and surroundings or the stories of the people I meet along the way there are so many opportunities to be inspired.


On this occasion I found my way to Pen-ffordd-goch Pond (aka Keepers Pond), which is just above Blaenavon and a great starting point to walk up the Blorenge Mountain.  It’s a really nice place if you want a quick walk around the pond or you can spend much longer going into the surrounding areas.  It’s not too taxing either so enjoy on a lazy day!


A few years ago I went up there on a snow day and it was gorgeously bleak. I could definitely see it as the setting for some post apocalyptic story – a snowy dystopia.

snow-blorenge-mountain-wales snow-keepers-pond-blaenavon-wales

Anyway, back to current times.

Ninja the dog was very happy to go exploring even if he had to put up with my overactive imagination…


As you’ve probably guessed from my Jurassic Range, I really love dinosaurs – especially Tyrannosaurus Rex (who doesn’t?!). Sometimes I think it’s good to live in a fantasy world and here are some photos from mine on that day!

blorenge-southwales-walking-dinosaur blorenge-southwales-walking-dinosaur