Ouija Girls Hanging Heart


“When other girls had tea parties on the playground,

she brought out her secondhand Ouija board

and attempted to raise the dead.”

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Hand painted wooden heart with original design of two girls playing with an Ouija Board. Influenced by numerous horror films, this spirit board image will make an amazing gift for witch babies intrigued by spiritualism and the paranormal!

This piece will fit in perfectly in any space along with other occult trinkets and oddities!

Painted in watercolour and details added with fine line permanent marker.

This Hanging Heart is made up of a wooden heart (measuring approx 20 x 20cm) and its ready to hang on a 10cm (roughly) chunky antique white cord.

Please note: This piece is a hand drawn and hand painted limited edition artwork and though lightly varnished for protection it is not suited for outdoor use.