Meet Harvey


We love animals and decided it was about time to do something to help.  We decided to volunteer with the Dogs Trust.  Yesterday we welcomed our first foster puppy – a little 8 week old lurcher called Harvey.


Harvey has a gorgeous temperament – a typical puppy but he’s showing all the signs of being a very clever dog (and it helps that he is oh-so-soft and adorable)


He has already settled in nicely with Ninja the dog and Shed the cat (our resident fur babies), he’s such a playful little scrap!

Harvey2  Harvey4

He is such a loving little chap – Harvey seems at his happiest cuddling up with some humans and just having some love.  Chew toys are pretty high up there too.


So far we have discovered that Harvey loves napping, chasing leaves, his tiny horse toy and sitting on laps.  He’s also pretty good at sleeping in his basket – his crate training is going so well!Harvey8 Harvey9 Harvey10

If you are ever thinking of getting a puppy or dog please, please check out your local dog rescue – there are so many cuties out there that deserve and need your love!


If you are interested in Harvey please get in touch with the Bridgend branch of the Dogs Trust, or get in touch with us and we will point you in the right direction!