Lilac to Silver Colour Melt by Slunks Hair


Last week I went and visited the wonderful team at Slunks in Cardiff. They are renowned for their alternative hair styles and bright colours.

I knew I wanted silver in my hair (As they did such a good job with that last time!) but fancied some lilac colouring to add some depth. Joel really is an artist, he takes an idea and brings it to life!

Joel created a beautiful lilac to silver color melt on my hair and I am over the moon with it!

I made a little time lapse video to show the process – who knew I frowned so much?! Just so you know I used some of my time doing a little bit of stitching – I finished this piece while I was there.


This is actually a poem called Resumé by Dorothy Parker but was used in the film Girl Interrupted (starring Winona Ryder and Angelina Jolie).


And here it is all framed up!



Anyway, if you are looking for some creative hairdressing and you are near Cardiff you should definitely check out Slunks (add them on Instagram @Slunks) and if you want to see more quirky stitched art check out the Embroidery section at Lonely Moon!