Appreciation post for Ninja the Dog


Let us take a little time to really bask in the ambiance of this dog.


I mean look at him. He is GLORIOUS.


This is Ninja and he is essentially one of the Lonely Moon team. He is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier crossed with a Chihuahua, a bizarre cross and I think he knows it. Gentle, loving and strong like a staffie but eccentric, feisty yet slightly neurotic like a wahwah… he is a delightful mistake and melts hearts wherever he goes.


If you are thinking of having a dog join your family please check out animal rescues. Our local rescues include Friends of the Animals RCT, Friends of Cardiff Dogs Home, All Creatures Great and Small, Four Paws Animal Rescue and many others. The people who run them are generally very knowledgeable and really love the animals – they want you to find the perfect pet for your family and there are always lots of steps taken to ensure your compatibility.


Ninja was a rescue puppy who we found at Friends of the Animals RCT, he was 8 weeks old with ears that looked like they’d fly him away and I fell in love. I contacted the lovely team at FOARCT and expressed my interest. Within a few weeks they checked out my house, I visited Ninja with his Foster Family and brought him home to stay. That was nearly 4 years ago and now we can’t imagine life without him.


Ninja Loves:

  • when song lyrics are changed to include his name
  • running naked through green fields with the sun on his back
  • biscuits
  • doing a little sleepy


Ninja Hates:

  • baths




Remember to adopt, don’t shop.


(If you want to see more of Ninja you can follow his Facebook Page or Instagram – @theninjadog)